Anxiety  takes a lot of energy from you


Prolonged periods of over thinking create the tempest that is anxiety.  When a person suffers from anxiety they are either in control of it or controlled by it.  If anxiety controls a person, they will feel powerless. Daily tasks become difficult. 

Anxiety is psychological and physical and occurs when a person is triggered by an event. It devours Karla, especially when she experiences rejection. She found work on three occasions during the Melbourne lockdown, only to be dismissed by all of them. This financial insecurity has fueled her anxiety.

International Student Financial Status Survey

No longer able to pay the rent
Experiencing financial difficulties
Feared they could become homeless
Hard to make close friends
Experiencing discrimination
Said that they felt lonely

A study by The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) on COVID-19’s impact on international students found that pre-COVID-19, 36% of international students worried about affording rent and that during COVID-19, it increased to 42%. It also found that 16% of students couldn’t afford rent.

Karla Finding the right therapist is expensive

“The uncertainties create a lot of anxiety. For me losing income means my plans, purpose and goals just fall apart… Anxiety takes a lot of energy from me” added Karla. 

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When anxiety devours a person it  rattles them, shakes them about and drains them.


“Anxiety can drive you into depression.”

If I fail,  I have no visa

Depression takes away your power